#UNFIT has completed production, and is now in post-production. We are pleased to have amassed a great many insightful interviews. The film interviewed not only those most qualified to speak to his mental health, but those qualified to speak to his social, behavioral, economic, and even historic impact. The interviews are not political, they are scientific and/or observational. Some of the best footage has come from right-leaning sources.

After the Mueller report was released, and Barr entered the scene, and subpoena's were first ignored, and more court proceedings launched, we did a second round of interviews. It's always hard to stop the presses when you are dealing with a real time subject like this, and a 24 hour news cycle. But we had to stop the presses to move the process forward. For information on when the film will be released, stay tuned here. Please enjoy these brief preview clips, more to be posted soon.

MENTALLY UNFIT, featuring anchorman from CNN International.

TRUMP TOWER, featuring Anthony Scaramucci, Rick Reilly

DOCTORS AND THE GOLDWATER RULE, featuring Dr. John Gartner and Dr. Lance Dodes

MALIGNANT NARCISSISM, featuring Dr. John Gartner

RISKS AND DANGERS, featuring Bill Kristol, Dr. John Gartner, Scott Ritter

NO EMPATHY, featuring Dr. Lance Dodes, Dr. Ramani Durvasula, and Chris Matthews/Tony Schwartz

Interview Excerpts

The videos below are NOT previews from the film. These are sound bites from interviews we conducted. It is not yet known whether these will be incorporated into the film, or the DVD extra's, but we thought we'd post a few that were interesting.

Bill Kristol: "He Undercuts Democracy"

Anthony Scaramucci: "The Great American Experiment"

Richard Painter: "Not of Sound Mind"

Bill Kristol: "Perfect Storm"

Dr. Justin Frank: "Projection"

Scott Dworkin: "No Way to Work with a Bully"

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