Malignant Narcissism
comes to Washington

Production and post-production are complete. Because of the pandemic, our theatrical release has been cancelled. Stay tuned for release strategy; announcement coming soon.

For the First Time …

Medical doctors and mental health professionals go on camera, on the record, for the record - it's an eye-opening discussion, analysis, and science-based examination of the behavior, psyche, condition, and stability of President Donald Trump.

#UNFIT also examines Trump's effect on our citizenry, culture, and institutions.

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Though it has undeniable political implications by its nature, #UNFIT is NOT politically motivated; it does not advocate for policy issues or take a stance on matters of state. The film is also NOT intended to offer a formal diagnosis nor recommend treatment. This film speaks only to the collective welfare of Americans, and the world. It is rooted in science, and espoused by doctors whose motivation is their Duty to Warn.



Trump makes increasingly bizarre statements that are contradicted by irrefutable evidence to the contrary.

Donald Trump is a Malignant Narcissist

It's bad, and getting worse.

> Narcissistic personality disorder
> Anti-social behavior
> Paranoia
> Sadism

The malignant narcissist is grandiose, with an inflated sense of accomplishment, and an excessive need for admiration. He is boastful, hypersensitive to criticism, arrogant, and envious. He is always ready to raise hostility levels, and uses deceit and manipulation. He transgresses social norms, and lacks moral conscience. He is preoccupied with perceived disloyalty, bearing grudges, quick to blame others, and prone to conspiracy theories. He is dehumanizing to people he perceives as weak, capable of taking glee in their misfortune.

We all know narcissists, but Malignant Narcissism is different. It's been at the root of some of the most vicious inhumanity in all of history. A malignant narcissist when threatened makes decisions impulsively and walks a line between sanity and insanity. We are now witnessing that descent in plain view.

Those who offer such advice he perceives as contrary will increasingly be seen as actively subverting his best interests, as he understands them. He'll grow more defiant, more reckless, more anti-constitutional, and more dangerous.

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  • We interview mental health professionals, who discuss the disorders, why they feel the danger is now exacerbated, and why they believe that for them to NOT warn the public at this juncture would be an abdication of professional responsibility. 
  • We interview journalists who reveal and discuss their personal observations.
  • We interview people who have had their own personal experiences with malignant narcissism. 
  • We examine the historical impact of malignant narcissism throughout history - a chilling perspective. 
  • We meet with, and look at targeted victims of his ridicule, rage, and assault.  
  • We discuss and reveal the profound impact he has had on our culture (which some refer to as a "path of destruction"), and his disdain for the "rule of law."
  • We dissect how and why he targets and attacks our venerated institutions, such as our intelligence community, free press, and most recently - our independent judiciary. 
  • We evaluate his constant perversion of truth and blurring of facts. 
  • In a riveting discussion, our experts theorize on the phenomenon of his hardened base of supporters, how and why they continue to support him, and why so many of them dig in, deny, deflect, and otherwise mirror his actions.     

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L to R: Art Horan, Dan Partland, Dr. John Gartner

DAN PARTLAND - Director & Producer
Dan is a Multi-Emmy winner of documentary and non-fiction TV, whose work includes series such as A&E’s Intervention, The Sixties on CNN, American Race with Charles Barkley for TNT, and Afflicted, a soon to be released Netflix series. Dan's work also includes landmark films of the independent cinema such as the feature documentary A Perfect Candidate along with Sundance winners Welcome to The Doll House and The Ballad of Ramblin' Jack.

ART HORAN - Producer
Art is a Creative & Business Executive, Executive Producer of Academy Award winner The Usual Suspects and Executive Consultant on Sundance Festival Winner, The Ballad of Ramblin' Jack. He is also an Executive Producer of Ring Girls for ESPN directed by academy award nominated Amy Berg, and Producer of the documentary film Hands of God.

THE DUTY TO WARN COALITION - Mental Health Experts; Dr. John Gartner - Consultants
The Duty To Warn Coalition is an association of mental health professionals and other concerned citizens who conclude and advocate that Donald Trump is psychologically unfit. The coalition is comprised of professionals from psychiatry, psychology, medicine, public health, public policy, and social work. Dr. John Gartner - a founding member of the Duty to Warn Coalition - graduated magna cum laude from Princeton, received his Ph.D in clinical psychology at U Mass, completed post-doctoral training at Cornell Medical School, and taught in the department of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Medical School for 28 years

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